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Powerful Instagram Growth

At F5 Digital, we understand that Instagram is constantly evolving, so it can be hard to stay on top of the game when running a business. Our experienced marketing team is constantly testing new strategies and techniques, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We offer a fully managed Instagram growth and marketing service helping brands, celebrities and influencers drive awareness, generate leads, and accelerate the growth of their Instagram accounts.

Proven Results

We have helped hundreds of influencers amplify their influence and boost their businesses. We’re a digital marketing agency driven by performance and ROI. Our results are proven and speak for themselves!









How Does it Work?

Learn how F5 Digital can help you amplify your influence, and accelerate the growth of your Instagram account.

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Sign-up to one of our plans and get started with a 1-on-1 consulting session.

We optimize your account and design a tailored audience targeting strategy based on your niche.

Using multiple influencer accounts we promote your account and help you gain new followers.

Using the right hashtags, we boost the exposure of your posts and help you gain more likes and comments.

Most of our clients start noticing results within a few days or even hours.

1,000+ Satisfied Customers!

"Our page has significantly grown to become one of the most influential Instagram accounts in Brisbane. F5 has literally gained us more followers in 30 days than we gained over in 6 months. They were easily able to understand our specific demographic & attract local followers who engage with our content."
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"F5 took us to 100K+ in just 18 months, we weren't expecting to gain so many Instagram followers in such a short span of time. We have increased the traffic to our e-commerce site almost 300% through Instagram alone and our sales have been through the roof. Not to mention, the support team at F5 is absolutely incredible!"
Mega Photographers
"'I’ve struggled with getting any real traction on IG for about a year, despite putting a lot of effort into my posts. I was actually wondering if it was worth continuing with IG and I thought maybe it wasn’t the right platform for me. But then I found out about F5 and gave it a go, I got about 3K new fans and more engagement, and mostly followers who are relevant to me. F5 is amazing!"
F5 Digital - Instagram Marketing Agency Brisbane
Fashion Blogger
"We’re really happy with the progress and in fact, they have helped our brand connect with potential customers who have contacted us with relation to our services, so we literally couldn’t be happier! F5 has been an incredible service for our social media growth and engagement. We’d definitely recommend F5 to any business or individuals who are wanting to build or grow their brand presence."
Hallmark Photography
"It took 18 months of posting daily, tweaking hashtags and reading every article under the sun about Instagram to gain 1500 followers. It was a tough slog, and at times I found it extremely frustrating, particularly when my followers plateaued. Discovering F5 has taken a HUGE weight off my shoulders. In the first month I gained 500 new, highly engaged followers barely by lifting a finger. I honestly couldn't recommend this agency more highly!"
Success Portal
"I am so thrilled to have found such a reliable service, F5 has taken our Instagram account from a static account to an interactive one. It differs from its competitors because you’re simply not buying followers, you’re engaging with users who might already like your content or have similar accounts. Its organic and sustainable growth. I've gained genuine followers and there's a lot more engagement on my posts - which has made Instagram fun again!"
Fitness Motivation

Pricing & Plans

At F5 Digital we completely understand that one size fits all approach does not work, so we offer three different plans to chose from. However, if you still feel that any of our plans do not satisfy your requirements, then we can even customize one for you.


$ 155 per month
  • Gain 500+ New Followers
  • Get 100+ Likes on New Posts
  • 10,000+ Account Discovery
  • 10,000+ Post Impressions
  • 10,000+ Global Reach
  • Account Optimization
  • Instagram Hashtag Research
  • Hashtag Recommendations
  • Monthly Reporting​
  • Daily Account Monitoring
  • 24x7 Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager


$ 285 per month
  • Gain 1,000+ New Followers
  • Get 250+ Likes on New Posts
  • 25,000+ Account Discovery
  • 25,000+ Post Impressions
  • 25,000+ Global Reach
  • Account Optimization
  • Instagram Hashtag Research
  • Instagram Content Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Daily Account Monitoring
  • 24x7 Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager


$ 545 per month
  • Gain 5,000+ New Followers
  • Get 500+ Likes on New Posts
  • 50,000+ Account Discovery
  • 50,000+ Post Impressions
  • 50,000+ Global Reach
  • Account Optimization
  • Instagram Hashtag Research
  • Instagram Content Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Daily Account Monitoring
  • 24x7 Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager


$ 995 per month
  • Gain 10,000+ New Followers
  • Get 1,000+ Likes on New Posts
  • 100,000+ Account Discovery
  • 100,000+ Post Impressions
  • 100,000+ Global Reach
  • Account Optimization
  • Instagram Hashtag Research
  • Instagram Content Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Daily Account Monitoring
  • 24x7 Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
All our plans come with:

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
No Lock-in Contracts
Dedicated Account Manager
Free 1-on1 Consultation
Priority Phone & Email Support

Explosive Instagram Marketing

Promote Your Brand | Amplify Your Influence | Accelerate Your Growth

Powerful Marketing

Promote your brand on one of the world's largest social platforms.

Real Organic Growth

Amplify your influence and accelerate your growth.

24x7 Automatic Promotion

Instagram never sleeps and neither does our service.

Safety & Security

We prioritize the safety of your account more than anything else.

F5 Digital - Instagram Marketing Agency Brisbane

Location Targeting

Hyper target results within your preferred, city or location.

Highly Affordable

Up to 10 times cheaper then sponsored ads and highly effective.

Demographic Targeting

Targeted results withing your preferred demographics.

Ease of Use

Fully managed by our team of experts. Just sign-up & relax, we do it all for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grow my Instagram account?
We use multiple influencer accounts to promote your main account. These influencer accounts generate massive engagement and are capable of promoting your account to thousands of people every day.
How do you boost the exposure of my posts?
Our system automatically detects new posts on your profile. Using multiple influencer accounts we send traffic to your posts. This helps your posts reach a much wider audience and gain massive exposure.
How may followers will my account gain?

There are many variables that affect growth which is out of our control. We can not guarantee the exact growth or a specific number of followers to be gained. This includes your profile attractiveness, target audience, industry, products/services, profile layout, and overall strategy.

But the biggest factor is posting high-quality content. But that’s obvious, right? What we can say is, we do everything we can to help our clients achieve the best growth rate possible! As a general estimation, our clients are averaging between a few hundreds of new followers every month.

Do I need to provide my password?
No, we only require your Instagram Username. Also to keep your account safe you should totally avoid using any service which asks for your Instagram password.
Is my account safe?
Yes, we run all our marketing through influencer accounts. Your main account always remains safe and secure.
Can my account stay private?
Yes it can, but for best results we do recommend your account to be public.
Are there any contracts or hidden fees?
No contracts or hidden fees. We run our business the right way. You may cancel the subscription anytime you want.
What happens when the plan ends?
Nothing! Our system keeps your account in good standing so you don’t need to worry. You can renew the plan whenever you want and the service would start as soon as the subscription is restored.
What is your cancellation or refund policy?
The subscription once cancelled stays active until the next billing cycle. We offer a 30 days money back guarantee. If we are unable to deliver any leads, we would refund our service fee for the current month. However, the refund would not include the Facebook ad spend which is directly paid to Facebook. Please Note – THE NO RESULT NO FEE PROMISE COVERS OUR AGENCY FEES, NOT INCLUSIVE OF ADVERTISING SPEND.
How do I cancel service?
Just let us know by email and we’ll do it for you. Or go to your Account Settings under My Account and click ‘Subscriptions’. You can cancel your subscription from here. After your account is cancelled, you will not be billed again. Your subscription will remain active until your next payment is due. This date will be shown on your billing page. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us.
Have more questions?
Our support team is available 24/7 via chat and during usual business hours on phone or email.

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